Thursday, May 17, 2012

Email Marketing Software - Why Does it Work?

As email marketing has grown in importance, there are several types of email software packages that are being used to deliver marketing emails to various target audiences. These email software packages make life a lot easier for online marketers to send emails to their subscriber list and also to help them search for new potential subscribers as well. Email software can be free of cost or can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It all depends on the requirements of the sender of the email marketing message. Those who send email marketing messages to a small audience may even subscribe to free email marketing software. However, those who send marketing emails for large companies or organizations need to invest in more advanced email software packages that may cost a pretty penny. Choosing the right software is essential. There are so many of them on the market, however, not all of them work for everyone. A lot of this software is tricky to operate. It is important to find one that suits your needs and is easy for you to understand and work with. Once you have chosen the most suitable software for yourself you can then look at why it works for you.

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Automatic mailing speeds up the marketing process. The software does a lot of the dirty work for you. It helps you make a database to save email addresses and other contact information of subscribers so that marketing emails can be sent easily to them. Not only does it save email addresses, but it is also useful for campaign statistics and message history. This gives you the ability to send out your marketing messages to people on your subscription list on a regular basis without much difficulty.

Email software comes with various features which allow you to give your subscribers the option to unsubscribe from the message if they like. This is very useful because subscribers always appreciate having this option. The = software helps you comply with the CAN-SPAM laws when sending out your emails so that a subscriber's inbox is a lot less likely to treat your email as spam. You can track the status of your marketing emails with the help of the reporting features in the software. Most software enables you to check how many of your subscribers have opened the email, which subscribers have not received the email and whether the hyperlinks in your email have been visited by your subscribers or not.
This type of software can also help you find out if a subscriber has purchased anything after visiting a hyperlink on your marketing email. It provides you with an editor to create your message in HTML or plain text format as well. This ensures that you reach a wider audience since all your subscribers may not be able to access emails in HTML format.

The email marketing software has done its part in making life easier for you to promote your email marketing business. Choosing software that works for you is the first step. The features of the right email marketing software, ensures that your email reaches the intended inbox.

Gary San is a best practices activist and advocate for Benchmark Email, a leading Web and permission-based email marketing software service.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Successful Strategies in Email Marketing

Bulk Email Marketing
Strategies In Email Marketing
Successful Strategies in Email Marketing 

There use to be few strategies used in email 
marketing. Now there needs to be more effort 
put in email marketing Bulk email marketing has 
evolved and new strategies have been introduced. 
Bulk email services that continue to improve 
their strategies today rank among the top and 
are reaping huge rewards.
Successful email marketing incorporates all 
effective strategies and always keeps looking 
for innovate methods. 
There are numerous strategies used in email marketing. 
The five most successful marketing strategies are 
discussed here. 
Give them what they are looking for 
This is one of the most successful strategies in almost all businesses, the 
recipients perspective is equally effective in bulk email marketing. It's 
important to heed to your customer base; what they are looking for, what they 
like, what they dislike etc. When you place yourself in the shoes of a recipient,
you'll be able to design more effective emails. Segmentation is a worth mentioning
technique here. 
Divide your email marketing list so you can listen to the individual needs and 
can serve them accordingly. 
Build a Friendship with you Customer 
You won't let a stranger in your house, the very first time he/she knocks on your
door. You may peek through the eye-hole and talk from inside. Your subscribers 
respond in a similar manner. You must build a relationship with them before you 
can expect them to listen to you. Become a resource for them and build trust. 
Once you have established a relationship, you can start sending your offers. 
Adding your contact information such as postal address and phone number also 
helps convince them that you are a legitimate company. Moreover always supply the 
unsubscribe option to your emails. 
This gives them confidence that they can leave, whenever they want and so it 
won't become a nuisance. 
What's Next  
Build interest in your email marketing campaign with an offer that creates 
curiosity. For instance, you can give a hint about your next offer and its huge 
This is an interesting way to keep users engaged with your emails and will compel 
them to listen to you, whenever you send a new email. 
Focus on Your Subject Line 
Here comes the best email marketing tip: Draft your subject lines wisely and 
prudently. You must understand that the success of your marketing campaign 
depends mostly on how you design your subject lines. Remember, this is the first 
and only thing the recipient will see in their inbox. If it doesn't catch their 
interest then they will trash it. Here is a million dollar tip: Your subject lines
should be concise, transparent and believable. They must be compelling, but must
not indicate that your email is spam. 
Bulk email services that choose their subject lines wisely are well aware of its 
potentials and benefits. 
Stay in Contact 
The best way to keep your email marketing list fresh and responsive is to send 
emails to your subscribers regularly. It's understandable that you may not have 
offers to send every week. However, you can share some useful content, and links 
to some useful articles. But remember the first rule: the recipients perspective. 
Always send topics that interest them. Moreover, don't send emails so often that 
subscribers get annoyed and unsubscribe. 
Apply these strategies in you bulk email campaign. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Email Mailing Lists and Email Software Programs

Online traffic is continuously growing and if you aren’t marketing there then you are missing out.  One way to reach the masses online is through email marketing.  

Email marketing is an affordable means to reach your targeted audience.  With easy to use email software programs and email mailing lists that are available you can target and track you marketing campaigns.  With the growing use of smart phones email marketing is reaching people in real time and most consumers check their email multiple times each day.

Just getting an email to the prospect isn’t enough though; you have to test, test, test in order to maximize you marketing campaign.  That is where the use of an email software program becomes useful. Many programs will allow you to easily track bounces, deliveries, opens, and click through. You can find web based or desktop programs that will allow you to run and manage your campaign.

Once you send out your first campaign track you results and calculate your ROI.  This gives you a metric to compete against for future campaigns.  Making tweaks to your message, subject line, and data select is the first place to start.  

Remember that testing is the key to any successful marketing.  You can find many case studies online detailing what companies have tested and what works, but remember each market can be different and your customers will be a little different than another’s.

If you are in need of email software tools or targeted opt in lists for your initial acquisition campaign please check out our site or ask us questions.

Good Luck

Friday, January 6, 2012

Why Bulk Email Is a Valuable Marketing Tool.

Bulk Email Marketing – Five Reasons Why It Still Works
The reason why bulk email marketing is a top choice for business owners is that it is the simplest and one of the most powerful tools to reach millions of people around the world. Bulk email marketing is different from spam in that it employs genuine and ethical methods of communicating their message.
The close similarity of mass email marketing with spam has always created hindrances for the former. But what’s the reason that the marketing technique is still prevalent and you can still find hundreds of mass email marketing software online?

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 is one of the strongest factors that have allowed bulk email marketing to survive. The act created a fine line between mass email marketing and spam. If an email is compliant with all of the following policies, it will not be considered as spam:

1.       An “Unsubscribe” option must be present in the email and that the user should be unsubscribed within 10 days of receiving the request.
2.       The email must contain clear and transparent “from lines” and “subject lines”. 

3.       The message must not contain a false header and must not be emailed through an open relay. The Message also must state that it is an ad.

You must tell the recipients where you are located with your physical address or a PO Box in the name of your company.

The best email marketing strategy is the one which considers all of the three aforementioned points. Those email marketing services that don’t abide by these rules incur huge financial losses.

It Helps in List Building

Mass email marketing is the most powerful tool of building your email marketing list. By sending offers and opt-in emails, business owners can get email addresses of customers who are interested in their products/services. It becomes easier to approach your targeted clients and increases the conversion rate. Bulk Email is an acquisition tool to help you capture new leads.

You Can Pre-Sell Your Products

Mass email marketing gives you an opportunity to pre-sell your product/service. It also affirms that those on your targeted list are potential subscribers and that they won’t junk your email the moment they see them. A properly designed bulk email marketing strategy allows you to come closer to your subscribers and have a better understanding of what they need. This eventually increases the likelihood of selling your products.

A Testing Platform

Bulk email marketing continues to increase in demand because it provides business owners a platform where they can test their marketing strategies. Along with product offers, you can send surveys that can bring you useful information. Those people who use bulk email marketing can compare different subject lines against read-through rates. The best email marketing campaign always pays extra attention to the subject lines of their emails as they effective subject lines can increase the read-through rate.

Quick and Easy To Launch

Among other marketing campaigns, a bulk email marketing campaign can be set up in a very short time. Especially, if you are using effective email marketing services or mass email marketing software, the campaign can be launched easily and quickly.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Seven Golden Rules of Responsible Email Marketing

The Golden Rules of Email Marketing to Abide By:

The mainstay of a successful business is effective marketing. If you are strong at this, sales can surge in no time. However, if you take this important aspect lightly, you can face a debacle.    

Today, the internet has completely transformed the meaning of ‘marketing’. Traditional marketing strategies have now been replaced by contemporary tactics. Organizations are no more interested in spending their fortune on media where they have to wait for their customers to either buy a source of advertisement (newspaper) or turn one on (TV and radio). In fact a number of companies are now in favor of direct marketing-where they can approach their customers at the right time and at the right place.
And no tool of direct marketing is better than email marketing. However, make sure you abide by the following golden rules for marketing through the internet, before you start using this effective medium.

1-    Get a Plan

Never assume that you can generate quality leads with just a single email. Here, you need a comprehensive plan to continually target and engage prospects. Start off your campaign by sending messages and then follow up within a few weeks with prospects who did not respond to your messages. Show gratitude and pay attention towards those customers who have taken action or those seeking more information about your product/services.     

2-    Never Sell-Only Persuade

Responsible email marketers do not sell their offerings. Instead they point out the key areas of their products and demonstrate them in such a way that a reader automatically gets convinced.
A good way to persuade people via email marketing is to tell a result-oriented story (you can quote a story of your customer who has obtained fruitful results from your product/service) or to highlight the benefits of acquiring your brand. 

3-    Make It Appealing

Would you ever bother to read a magazine with yellow text and red headings? Certainly not. Same is true for email marketing.
Select a readable font size, vision-friendly colors and enhancing backgrounds. And never forget to add a ‘print’ option so that your readers can directly print it.   

4-    Promote Your Brand

When sending an email aimed to boost your business, make sure your brand name is visible on it. Make it stand out from rest of the content by using your logo and company name in the center of the page. It will help subscribers recognize you easily.

5-    Keep it Concise

No one has enough time in this busy world to read your 10 paragraph sales message. So, create a simple, concise and targeted message to attract customers. Short and snappy messages appeal to customers as they do not have to scroll up and down the page to view details.

6-    Your Subject Line Should Be Tactful

All emails require captivating subject lines to urge receivers open a message. They provide hints to the recipients and people click only on the emails they think are most relevant.  

7-    Get Feedback

Conduct regular surveys and get to know what people think about your product by inviting them in forums. Also, encourage users to ’sign up’ and ‘share’ your messages with their friends.  
When used appropriately, the benefits of email marketing are numerous. Follow these golden rules of responsible email marketing to start growing your business today. 

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Wishing you the most success in 2012.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Targeted Marketing Campaign?

Are you reaching the right consumers with your email marketing?  Trying to sell wet cat food to dog lovers?  Wasting time and money by driving uninterested traffic to your site?

If your marking campaigns aren't performing as well as you would like then this is probably the case. Whether it is email, social media, sms, or direct mail, un-targeted prospecting is costly and discouraging.  It happens to many business out there.  They are focused on producing product and they have access to quick "leads" to market to but they don't realize the source of them.  Here are some rules to follow when you are making you next media purchase for you upcoming campaigns.

Determine What You Are Offering: In today's world it is easy to offer a wide range of products.  I have set foot in numerous stores that sell horse feed and toy helicopters.  You can find anything at Walmart  these days.  Many times this can be overwhelming to consumers.  This is the same for online stores as they don't have to touch many of the products they sell.  The trick is to focus on one thing or one category of items you want to sell.  You could target many categories if you want but should do it through multiple marketing campaigns.

Stereotype Your Current Customer: Once you have targeted the product(s) you are looking to sell the next step is to find your target customer.  Know what your product is and who you current customers our. These are the prospects you want to market to.  Once you determine who you current buyers are, then you are ready to move to the next step.

Search For Targeted Prospects: The best place to start is searching your competition and figure out how you can get access to their customers.  It is a common practice for companies to sell their customer data to the market place in order to generate revenue or to swap data to acquire new customers.  Usually you can find third parties that broker the data transactions. They will often compile the data from similar sources and resell/rent the data to other businesses.  When purchasing or renting your data make sure to get a targeted selection and not a random select. Also make sure you have access to the source of the data so you can verify that it is what you need.  The more information in the data file you get, most likely the better the data will be.  If you need data interested in business opportunities, then ask for that select.  If you need stay at home moms, then make sure you get it.  The extra money it costs will be well worth it.

Test Your Campaign: When sending out your campaign through email or direct mail make sure you segment the list by sources and split it using a couple different graphical presentations. Believe it or knot I have seen some promotions out perform other by 200% just because of the color used.

Analyze And Repeat: Once you get your responses back from your tests, be sure to analyze it.  You will need to determine what source and graphical presentation or copy performed the best. Once you have a winner the goal is to beat that on the next campaign.

Good Luck and I hope this will help you profit on your next Email, Direct Mail or any Marketing Campaign you have in the future.